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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a toner and why do I need it?

A toner simply adjusts the tone of hair.  When hair is lightened, the fragmented pigment gives off a raw and brassy color. To turn this into the beautiful tone you desire, a toner is applied to neutralize unwanted pigments and enhance tones we want to see.  A toner is typically a demi permanent color that does not contain ammonia.  This means it can adjust tone or darken but it cannot lighten.  A demi permanent color is preferred for this service because the lower alkalinity prevents further swelling of the hair shaft which leads to damage.

How much will my highlights cost?

Highlight prices can vary depending on the desired outcome, hair history and condition.  There are multiple factors that contribute to pricing, but in general the services are categorized by coverage.  The service menu items reflect starting prices for highlights and price points are the average cost.  You may incur extra charges if the desired look requires more than the average highlight service, if your hair is thick/long, or if multiple applications are needed to gently lighten your hair to your goal.  When budgeting for highlights, it is best to have a consultation.  Inspiration pictures are great to communicate what you like, but please keep in mind that what may have been one service for the person in the inspiration picture may be an entirely different set of services for your hair.  During consultation, I will go over what will provide us with the most success, realistic outcomes, and why.  I want you to have healthy beautiful hair and will never willingly compromise the integrity of your hair.


Can you do my highlights in one sitting?

If you are ready for a drastic change but aren’t ready to make multiple trips to the salon then we can certainly block a day to do your entire service.  A few things to note.  This type of marathon coloring will be at an hourly rate instead of the a la carte service prices.  Your hair must be in good condition and able to tolerate all services.  If hair becomes compromised during processes, we will find a stopping point and schedule completion after treatments and hair has had some rest.


Do I have to use salon professional products?

You can use any product that you love, but professional products are formulated for specific hair concerns and needs that your current regimen may not be addressing.  During consultation, I always check for scalp and hair health.  If your products are not working, I can usually tell just from this assessment.  Many times, drug store products build up on hair which causes adverse reactions to the scalp.  Product build up can also interfere with color and highlight services.  If you’ve been dealing with an oily scalp, flaking, itching, dandruff, hair shedding, or hair that feels like it won’t dry, it may be your products causing these things.


How does previous box color affect my service?

Box color contains minerals and metallic salts that react with lightener.  It is an exothermic reaction, which means it gives off heat.  It is hot enough to melt hair and let off steam.  It is why we ask for such an extensive color history.  Color never leaves your hair; it becomes part of your hair structure where it was applied so even if it “washes away” it is still there.  This also means that it cannot be treated with color to go lighter because permanent color can only change natural pigment molecules not artificial ones found in color treated hair.  If you have layered box color or multiple applications, it will be that much harder to break it up.  Artificial pigment from box color tends to have a very warm undertone so when that hair is highlighted, it is nearly impossible to get an ashy or even neutral result.


Can I just order my products on Amazon?

Amazon is a marketplace with third-party sellers.  Most professional companies have contracts that retailers must sign that specifically prohibit these types of sales.  Drug stores, grocery stores, and big box stores are not authorized to retail professional products.  There is a black market that reproduces packaging and creates counterfeit product.  The ingredients may be toxic, expired, endocrine disruptors, or carcinogenic.  They are not quality tested or tested for safety. There is no telling if these third-party sellers were able to obtain authentic product or a counterfeit or expired product.  The only way you can ensure a safe product that will not harm you or destroy your investment is by purchasing from an authorized retailer like me or the links I provide on my site.


What are layers?

Layers are added to a haircut to create shape and add volume and movement.  There are many ways to layer hair.  Layers cannot be counted because they are essentially shapes cut into the silhouette of the hair which allows the hair to lay a certain way and this creates shape.  Commonly we refer to long layers or short layers, but essentially, you’ll want to consider how much movement and volume you would like and if you would like a more rounded shape, or something more geometric.


Why does a trim cost as much as a haircut?

A trim and a haircut are the same thing.  We have a saying in the industry: You’re not paying for the hair on the floor, you’re paying for the hair that’s left on the head.  So whether we just dust off a quarter of an inch or take off 7 inches, the thing you are paying for is the style you are left with.


Why should I take hair vitamins?

Hair vitamins are a great way to support healthy growth.  They strengthen hair from the inside and help to combat hair shedding.  I have Sugarbear Hair Vitamins available for purchase which contain biotin but also contain Vitamin D.  Biotin aids in strengthening hair, but Vitamin D along with the other vitamins and minerals in Sugarbear vitamins also support growth and reduce shedding.  Vitamins can only do so much.  If you have an internal health problem causing shedding or hair loss, you will need to treat that under the guidance of a physician or specialist.  The most likely causes of hair loss or shedding are hormonal, stress, and vitamin deficiencies.  Hormonal loss includes post-partum hair loss, thyroid complications, weight loss, PCOS, endometriosis, menopause, etc.  Stress can be temporary but exceedingly difficult to remedy.  Stress causes a fluctuation in hormones, so it ties into hormonal factors.  Vitamin D deficiency is a common reason for hair shed.  In Texas, the best time to bask in the sun for about 15 minutes is between 10 am - 2 pm.  This will help with Vitamin D levels but note that darker skin tones are more likely to be deficient because melanin reduces the skin’s ability to make Vitamin D in response to sun exposure.


What is dandruff?

Before you start up with Head and Shoulders or any other dandruff remedy it is important to analyze the dandruff.  Any type of flake coming off the scalp is an indication of poor scalp health, but all flakes are not the same.  If flakes are accompanied with itching, it’s likely that you have an allergy to something.  It could be your detergent, your shampoo or hair products.  Try eliminating products to see if the flakes stop.  Dry flakes could be a dry scalp.  You may need to switch up products or drink more water and change up your diet.  Flaking can also be the result of a food allergy.  If the dandruff is “wet” or feels oily, it could be a scalp condition.  If the products you’re using are drying out your scalp, it may be over producing oil to compensate while the skin is dry and flaking.  These two components mix and create an oily dandruff.  Oily dandruff that is accompanied with a smell can be a fungus growing on the scalp.  If left untreated it can lead to hair loss.  A prescription will be needed.  The scalp is much like the gut in terms of bacteria.  There are necessary bacteria that regulate the scalp environment.  Products, diet, hormones, and hygiene all play a role in balancing the bacteria.

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