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Why does hair frizz?

You use all the products, you blow dry and flat iron your hair into submission, but as soon as you walk out of the door...


You're a complete frizz-ball!

WHY does this happen?

It's simple, really. Moisture in the environment, AKA humidity, moves in and out of your hair strand. This loosens the bonds in the hair, making it revert back to it's original shape.

Water and heat are the two things we use to make hair change shape. Going wet to dry like blow drying or setting the hair and air drying will lock a shape in. So will going from hot to cold.

Whatever shape the hair is in when it cools or dries is the shape it locks into.

This is your key piece of information.

In order to stop frizz or deal with it, you need to lock hair into shape with a product that is actually going to keep humidity from getting in the hair strand.

This doesn't mean a heavy oil or silicone laden product. This is only going to build up and get heavy, ultimately causing damage.

What you need is a silicone free, lightweight product that is resistant to humidity.

The only one that has ever worked for me is Livingproof.

The patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) is the answer to all our frizzy problems.

It puts a lightweight shield on the hair the repels dirt, oil, sweat - AND is 100% resistant to humidity!

Don't believe me? Go give it a try!

Ask your stylist for a personalized recommendation. These products are highly effective and very specific so it needs to be the right fit for you.

Have you tried Livingproof yet?

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