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Why are my highlights so expensive?

Remember the day when you could pop in and get highlights for less than $100 and be in and out in maybe an hour?

These days, you can expect to pay $300-$800 and spend all day in the salon.

Why has it changed so much?

With the rise of social media, comes the rise of options. Gone are the days where you just tell your stylist to do highlights and they do the same highlights they're doing on every other client.

Now there is special consideration made to the color of the highlight, the integrity of the hair, the placement and intensity of the highlights, and effort.

It's like going to Starbucks and ordering a White Mocha and then adding an extra shot, caramel sauce, and hazelnut syrup. You likely won't pay the menu price mentioned, but a much higher price to account for the add ons.

Hair works a lot like that. Highlights can be straightforward if you just order off the menu, but if you walk in with inspiration pictures and hair that has been through something (old color, box color, chemical treatments) you're bound to have a higher ticket.

Highlights have evolved a lot since the days of the pull through cap. They are much more custom and mindful now. Special care is taken to use products that won't damage the hair.

Be sure to consult with your stylist to figure out an estimate before work starts, go over any possible surprise charges that might occur (some are unavoidable to protect your hair and achieve your goals), and follow all after care instructions to protect your investment.

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