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My Morning Skincare Routine

Updated: May 11, 2020

A morning skincare routine for busy women.

My morning skin care routine is quick and to the point. On the days I'm working, I don't have time so I usually focus on prepping my skin for makeup.


Cleanse - I use the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser which is great for all skin types. It does a great job at pulling out impurities and leaving my skin feeling clean, refreshed, and soft. Make sure you massage for at least one full minute to give it time to work.

Moisturize - To moisturize, I use Kate Sommerville Goat Milk Cream which is a gentle moisturizer that doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I apply to my face and neck, generously in upward sweeping motions. You know it's enough moisturizer when your skin doesn't tug as you apply it.

Sunscreen - I have avoided sunscreen for a very long time. I never liked the feeling of it. My skin always felt like it was suffocating and it typically irritated my skin and made it itchy. I'm assuming I have an allergy to certain suncreens. I stumbled upon Lancome Bienfait Sunscreen which is lightweight and doesn't irritate my skin. It doesn't look ashy and instead of a cream it has a milk like consistency which is easy to spread and apply. I gently pat it on my face and neck.

Primer - My next step is to prime my skin. I have various ways to do this depending on my makeup needs that day, but on a typical day for a 5 minute makeup routine, I use Becca Backlight Priming Filter. This primer adds a glow to my skin and helps keep makeup in place.

And that's it! Just a few minutes and I'm ready for makeup!



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