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How to Make Grocery Shopping Quick and Easy

Updated: May 11, 2020

If you need to get in and out of the grocery store, I have some simple organizing tips to help you get in and out efficiently. My system cuts time from your trip and keeps you within budget.

Grocery shopping can be excruciating. Sometimes you have a list, but you don't really have a plan. It keeps you second guessing and you may find yourself going back and forth to find the things you need. It's also dangerous to go aisle to aisle, because that's how you end up with an extra $40 on your grocery tab.

Here are some ways I simplify my grocery trip so I'm in and out and stay on budget.

Pre Planning

Part of what makes this whole system work is planning meals ahead of time. This will help you figure out exactly the ingredients you need and it will help you maximize your purchase by planning to use leftovers. In order to take advantage of store deals, I'll pull up the weekly deals and see if there's ingredients on sale and plan my menu around that. My convenient Meal Planner allows you to jot down your meal ideas and the necessary ingredients. This will serve as a preliminary list. Download it here:

Shreeda's Weekly Meal Plan
Download PDF • 27KB

Once you have planned out your meals and listed out all the ingredients you may need, it's time to go through your kitchen and cross off the things you already have. I find this extra step really helps reduce clutter. I used to just get what I needed for a recipe without checking and end up with 5 cans of black beans or way too much tomato paste.

My Grocery List is my ultimate time saver. I have a new one on my fridge weekly so I can easily jot down things I need as the week progresses. Then I just have to add in the ingredients I'm missing from my Meal Planner and I'm ready to shop efficiently.

Shreeda's Grocery List
Download PDF • 17KB

The final step before I head out the door is to double check if I have any coupons and deals I could utilize. If they're actual cut outs I'll gather them and paper clip them to my list. If there's mention of an in store coupon, I make note next to the item so I remember to grab the coupon. I've also organized my list by departments and in the order that I would go through them. I always start with produce, then move on to meat, then it's the package aisles flanked by the fridge and freezer items, finally I'm going through household things and I pass the bulk section just before checking out. Knowing my path through the store and having my list keep me from wandering and picking up things I don't need.

Try out my lists and see if it helps you stay focused and on budget.

Wishing you speedy shopping trips!


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