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4 Things That Transformed My Skin

Updated: May 11, 2020

My skin has had its ups and downs, but after discovering these four things, I have maintained clear radiant skin with reduced signs of aging.

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It's never too late to turn your skin around. With a few simple changes, you'll notice a difference in a few days. It's not a miracle product, and it isn't a huge lifestyle change either Just a few simple additions!

Going to bed with your makeup can age your skin 7 times faster!

How many of us have fallen asleep with our makeup on? Guilty! I cringe at the idea of it now. I'm usually washing my face the minute I get home from work. I can just feel my day sitting heavy on my skin. Especially since hair product tends to linger in the air. It's taken me years to figure out what is best for me. In an effort to help you simplify your life, I want to tell you about my skincare routine and the four things that changed my skin dramatically.

Number 1: Water

I know this one is obvious and you've probably been told a million times but it is worth repeating. I didn't understand the actual impact of dehydration until I really started tracking how much water I was consuming. Turns out it takes way more than you think to see the difference in your skin. I started drinking only water and about 8 glasses a day. In roughly a week my skin was firm and youthful looking and my under eye wasn't as sunken or dark. #fountainofyouth

I love a stainless steel water bottle to help keep my water cold through the day like this one. The water bottle also serves as a reminder to me because I'm more likely to see it over a water bottle. If you need constant reminders try setting an alarm or track the glasses of water you consume. I'm big on lists and I love checking things off, so I make 8 bubbles and I fill them in as I drink my glasses. It's a small way for me to feel like I'm making progress.

Number 2: Skincare Regimen

Getting on the right skincare regimen and understanding what each product is supposed to be doing for you was a revelation for me. For a little while I was moisturizing with an oil but not layering it over a moisturizer and that is counterproductive. Oil helps to lock in moisture but you must add the moisture first. I tried dozens of cleansers that ended up being too drying for me and learned that my technique was just as important. It took some trial and error to find the right things, but I've finally found gentle and effective products.

My morning routine is quick and only takes a few minutes. My focus is to hydrate and prepare my skin for makeup if I'm going to work.

My evening routine is a little more detailed to target the issues that matter most to me. Overnight is the best time for these treatments because it gives them ample time to work and there is no risk of sun exposure which is typically harmful if you have exfoliaters on your face.

Follow those links to see details about each routine and which products I recommend. It seems like a lot but I promise once you get your routine down, it doesn't take long. You'll see a difference in just one day, but the changes that happen overtime are inspiring. I noticed that all my old acne scars disappeared and my skin tone became very even. My under eye area became firm and youthful looking. Dark circles and puffiness disappeared.

If I had to pick one thing to really splurge on it would be moisturizer. Next to the exfoliater, it is probably the most important step. I really lay it on and then layer with a deeper moisturizer that locks it all in. I know I have enough product when my skin doesn't tug as I'm applying it. Applying moisturizer like this will blow your mind. Try it with your body as well. Lay on a rich cream in abundance and then wear fitted clothes and socks to lock it all in. Smooth as a baby's butt!

Number 3: Collagen Peptides

This was a game changer. My clients kept telling me about collagen peptides and I just kept dismissing it. After complaining about my aching joints to a client, she convinced me to just try it for a month. After just one day I was hooked. I felt amazing. My knees don't hurt, I feel like I have energy, and my skin looks young. It was such a huge difference that even my family noticed. That first week, every single client told me I looked 10 years younger. I have to agree, it greatly changed my skin. Recently there was a blip in my subscribe and save order and my peptides were a little late. I probably went two weeks without it and although I didn't deteriorate like a Disney witch, I could see a dullness that hadn't been there. Not terrible, but noticeable in comparison. I put a scoop in my black coffee every morning. I can't taste it and just one scoop is all I need. It increases hair growth too!

I love this collagen.

Number 4: Diet

This is a commonly known factor, but I'm talking specifically about food allergies. Unrelated to my skin, I started a low carb / ketogenic diet. I was intermittent fasting and cut out dairy, sugar, gluten, and most carbs. My cheeks tend to always be red and irritated but I noticed while eating like this my skin calmed down. I learned later that I have sensitivities to dairy and gluten. Now if I have too much, my skin immediately flares up and I know why. If your skin seems to be constantly irritated, or acne prone, try eliminating common allergens like dairy and gluten for a few weeks and see if it helps. Ketogenic isn't a sustainable way for me to eat so when I add back carbs, I make sure they are complex. I stick to fresh fruits, vegetables, and home cooked meals. Processed foods can also be a culprit in skin issues. And listen, I don't deprive myself of the things I enjoy, but I have a rule to keep it all in check. If I have something that typically bothers me or isn't healthy, I have two clean days of eating after. This is a hard rule. No binges. As much as I love ice cream, I love more that I'm not stuffed up and inflamed all the time. Changing my diet also cleared up other allergies. My seasonal allergies and pet allergies have greatly reduced or gone away.

These are the four main ways I have turned my skin around. No joke, and to my husband's amusement, I get carded all the time now! I also love that I don't have to wear makeup to cover up anymore, now I use it to enhance.

Wishing you great skin days ahead,


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